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Our Story

Behind the Scenes

"The Giving Back Community Enrichment Group concept started back in December 2020.  Cole and I were sitting in our office after a long day of work.  This day in particular, had been a rough one.  One of Cole's former clients suffered an unexpected tragedy and we were brainstorming ways we might be able to help.  A Go-Fund-Me page was set up and money was raised, but after the quick response, we were left with the question; "What more could we do for people who need help in our community?"  What if we were to start a group of volunteers and sponsors on standby for calls to action?

A few weeks later we were sitting in a weekly coffee chat meeting with several of our fellow local real estate professionals.  The coffee chat group was started by Brandy Lake about a year ago in 2019 to bring like minded real estate professionals together in an environment where we could share our ideas and experiences.  At the meeting, an idea was proposed to help local homeowner's who might be struggling financially with home repairs.  Almost instantly, everything clicked.  We had already started laying the groundwork for our 501(c)(3) and we were now surrounded with like minded people who wanted to help make our community a better place!

We made a group decision on our first candidate for assistance, and after an interview with them, we started planning our work.  Their home was small and was in need of several critical repairs.  We reached out to sponsors in our community and within two weeks, we had a pledge for a home inspection, a new roof, air conditioning repair, flooring, paint, appliances, and even a dumpster for any demolition or junk removal.  We were so humbled and moved to see everything come together for this project and the amount of care and love from the community made an unforgettable impact on everyone involved.

From these humble beginnings, we at the Giving Back Community Enrichment Group hope to grow and to provide lasting support for our community for years to come. We will always stand behind our conviction to make the world a better place, one project at a time."

- Casey Gates, Co-Founder / Director of Finance

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